April 9-10, 2019

Georgia World Congress
Atlanta, GA

Featured Events

Networking Cocktail Reception

Tuesday, April 9
5:30-6:30 pm

Sponsored by Honeywell

Urban Air Mobility Innovation Pitch Session

Start-ups present their most innovative and investment-worthy ideas in this Urban Air Mobility Pitch Session! 

Tuesday, April 09
4:45 pm - 4:55 pm

Therica Consortium

Therica.org is a consortium of companies that seek to re-purpose the decommissioned oil rigs and decommissioned US Naval vessels off the California coast to be used as access points (AirPorts) for autonomous aircraft that will transport people and goods.In coordination with Siller Helicopters, Therica will provide FAA approved external load operations with Sikorsky S-64E Sky Crane and other heavy lift helicopters to conduct tethered flights for testing and evaluation of autonomous craft over the Pacific.Significant efforts are underway to have California provide significant incentives for the autonomous industry. Therica is an autonomous flight incubator and industry accelerator.